• The problem we solve
  • Our Mission
  • Road map
  • A user interface for Ethereum-based
    decentralized voting

    Now we are developing a beta version of our product.
    It will be ready for open free testing already at the end of 2018! We recommend that you read the White Paper, and subscribe to the newsletter for a more detailed immersion in the structure of our project. Thank you!

    Honesty and privacy are the two key principles underlying any voting. If there is an opportunity to forge at least one vote, or there is a chance to disclose the voter's privacy, the entire voting process can be deemed invalid. Today, there exist technologies of identity verification and developments in the field of cryptography, to ensure absolute privacy in the voting process and completely exclude the possible fraud.

    To date, there is still no automatic system for holding honest and private voting, the time has come to change it! Our project assumes responsibility in creating the first truly honest system of voting actions. Our developments will be useful to different teams and partnerships, as well as to many areas of business: from a group of students at the university, to the state level. Honest and private voting should become our reality!

    The problem we solve

    Democracy is a regime based on the method of collective decision-making.
    At the moment, almost all types of voting, from the appointment of the class monitor in the school, to the elections
    of heads of state, are exposed to both possible disclosure of the private information, and also to fraud.
    In the first case, we can maintain honesty, by manually calculating the results in the presence of all voting participants.
    But the process will be deprived of privacy.Such a system is unstable and does not cope with scalability.

    At the moment all technologies implemented in the field of collective decision-making do not have the required features
    and capabilities to offer a truly innovative and technologically advanced voting system.
    When conducting polling, people are often afraid of publicizing their beliefs to the general public.
    Your vote may not be counted or be faked at the elections to the city government.
    In case of collecting signatures to solve some problem, we both provide open access to our personal data,
    and also risk being a participant in similar procedures, but without our consent.

    Nikolai Kuzmin, CEO & Founder

    In 2018, the method of collective decision-making still remains an unstable system with huge privacy drawbacks. You can vote, but you can not trace the effect of your vote at all voting stages. Any elective action shall be decentralized, transparent and protected from fraud.

    Join the fairness revolution!

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    Interface and Technologies

    Our platform will include a user interface for working with voting smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain, apps for AppStore, Google Play, and an API for automating voting processes.
    The platform will be divided into 2 independent parts.

    1. The central platform is a service assuming the identification of each user or company to participate in a system of elective actions. You do not have to be a legal entity or provide your personal code to use the platform, just confirm your email or phone number. You do not have to provide the rest of the data, but they will give a wider range of features within the platform.
    2. The lite platform is an absolutely decentralized and secure open source project. You can use this type of platform locally, or embed it directly into the company's business assets.

    Open Vote Network

    Open Vote Network (OV-net) is a 2-round decentralized voting protocol with the following functions:

    • All messages are publicly available: secret channels between voters are not required;
    • The system is stand-alone: vote counting facilities are not required;
    • Maximum protection of voter's privacy;
    • Transparent system: everyone can check whether all voting participants act according to the protocol. This ensures fairness of the election process.

    The interface for working under this technology is being developed in parallel with the main objective. It will act as a means for anonymous voting among a small group of individuals.

    Details of the technology...

    Our Mission

    Any elective actions first of all represent a stress for each voting participant. Who counts the votes? Won't my choice be forged? How to keep privacy? Is it possible to check the fairness of the elections? And this is only a small part of the eternal questions that people ask at any voting. We have a solution.

    The Vote Network project aims to both inventing a solution for holding honest and private elections, and also to introduce it into the most diverse fields of people's lives.

    We will make the world's first honest and private voting system with a user-friendly interface. This system will become a flagship for conducting elective actions around the world!

    Join the fairness revolution!

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    • Business
    • Business - Client
    • Communities and Partnerships
    • Districts and Cities
    • States
    • Stage I - Business

      With the invention of most new technologies, start-ups from all over the world face a serious challenge - the introduction of innovations into the existing system. This is how the human brain works, for us, it is easier to follow a familiar, proven path, rather than turn into unexplored ways. We are starting to build a new route, radically different from the current standards. Entering the business field will be the first and the most complicated step to popularize our platform. By the time of integrating with the business, our service will have a stable interface, the API, as well as AppStore and Google Play apps.

      Why does business need our platform?

      The honest and impartial interaction of company employees of all levels still remains an unresolved task. The more transparent and stable the hierarchical chain of company employees, the less questions arise at each stage of the product implementation.

      An example. Incentives to the employees.

      The employees of the company at different levels are asked several questions at the platform account. Based on this information, the smart contract automatically finds the most hardworking/lazy teams/employees and encourages/punishes them. This information provides company/branch/department/employee statistics and allows taking action to improve profitability.

    • Stage II - Business - Client

      Our chain is still closed while collecting data within the company. The introduction of interactions with customers will make the system both more resilient to collective manipulations and accumulate statistics at all stages of the product implementation, as well as open the way to move towards the absolute decentralization of the company.

      It seems that such giants as grocery stores, or even airlines, can not be completely decentralized, but we are moving fast towards this now. So, it's just a matter of time!

      An example. CashBack for feedback.

      Upon concluding a transaction, the service offers its customer a refund of some amount of money spent, in exchange for a brief polling. You just have to draw a QR-code on the cash receipt, and the smartphone app will take care of the rest.

      An example 2. Product quality.

      When scanning a certain QR-code, each customer will be able to look at the rating and details of the desired product. You can not deceive such a system, since only the customers of exactly this product can leave feedback.

    • Stage III - Communities and Partnerships

      A community arises with the interaction of a group of individuals. A human brain always strives to leadership and people so far manage to observe the equal interests of all community members with only a small number of its participants. Leaders and outsiders emerge in larger teams, and therefore electoral processes in such communities can not be completely democratic. The procedure for nominating to vote and the vote weight should be the same for all.

      Decentralization of all, even the smallest communities and partnerships, will allow moving from an authoritarian control system to a democratic one. We will not be able to build an absolute democracy on the top echelons of power, if we do not stick to the same system even among small groups of people.

      An example. A housing partnership.

      There is a partnership of homeowners in a block of flats. If there is a specific task/problem, all participants have an equal impact on the polling result. You do not have to gather in the evening on Fridays on the bench near the house to listen to even the most insignificant offers. Everything can be done privately, quickly and democratically, staying at home.

    • Stage IV - Districts and Cities

      By the time the 4th stage of our campaign is launched, we plan to overcome the figure of 50% of the population among the population immersed in the interaction with our platform. By now, we do not a city or region of Estonia where the figured will be the highest, but this is where we will hold the first 100% democratic elections in the history of the population.

    • Stage V - States

      Our company begins its development in Estonia, one of the most technologically advanced and democratic countries in the world. This country is ranked 1st in the Internet freedom rating and supports the ideas of decentralization. We believe that the first large-scale and truly democratic elections should be held in this country.

      As our ideas develop to level 4, we will approach the absolutely democratic society as close as possible. And this means that at the 5th stage of the development of our project, holding state elections based on the Blockchain technology will not be complicated.

    Road Map

    • The first version of the lite interface
      July 2018
    • Improvements and adding templates
      August 2018
    • Launch of restricted beta testing
      September 2018
    • Launch of the central platform
      November 2018
    • Open beta testing
      December 2018
    • New features and releasing the stable version
      February 2018
    • API
      March 2019
    • Google Play and AppStore apps
      May 2019
    • Launching the marketing company
    • Voting integration into the first stage of development
    • Introducing the technology into third-party projects
    • Expanding features and updates
    • Integrating the system into the 2nd and 3rd stages
    • International marketing campaign
    • First blockchain-based elections

    • Announcement of further stages of the project development

    Join the fairness revolution!

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